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Restaurante Faz Figura


Pedro Dias left journalism to dedicate himself to the promotion of the best Portuguese flavors, and this is how Faz Figura gained a new soul and new concept: “Portugal Wine & Food”. In a location with an incredible view of the Tagus river, we are invited to get to know the best national flavors, and there is no shortage of references to the greatest icon of Portugal - the wine.

In the elegant rooms of Faz Figura you will be able to taste dozens of national wines of several varieties, bodies and personalities, from the north to the south of the country. Wine dispensers and interactive tables give us quality suggestions in a differentiated and much more technological way than usual, and the selection of wines complements the best national gastronomic recommendations. Everything is authentic here and stands out for the curatorship.

Pedro and his father, Jorge Dias, dedicate themselves to the search for the best national products, often from small local producers, and Faz Figura is the stage where they shine. Wine, liqueurs, cheese, sausages, jam... No matter the product, it is guaranteed that it will be Portuguese and of unquestionable quality.

This concern with quality is also reflected in Faz Figura's wine list. Seasonal, versatile and very extensive, it promotes the typical flavors of Portuguese cuisine gracefully and deliciously.

We suggest you start with the delicious Serra Cheese Puff (with honey and rosemary), the Tuna Muxama Salad (Muxama is made from pieces of the tuna’s loin, and is dry and salty with a rigid consistency and smooth texture), the Codfish Gazpacho or the Fresh Cheese Salad (with quinoa and beet). This will set the tone for a remarkable meal. As main courses, we must recommend two that immediately won us over: the Perna de Pato (with foie gras and carolino rice with orange) and the Groper Cataplana (with shrimp, clams and pickles of salicornia - options that could not be more Portuguese). For a great finish (and like the Portuguese do it), we recommend three delightful suggestions: the Chocolate Crumble/Mousse with Salt Flower from Tavira (with rose pepper and Madeira banana ice cream), the incomparable Trilogy of Ovos Moles de Aveiro, and a delicious surprise: the cherry pastry, a reinvention of the pastel de nata that is prepared on the spot.

Cool Tip: Take your time at Faz Figura and enjoy the store. There, you will be able to find and buy portuguese products that you would only find in the region where they are produced. After all, this is what makes Faz Figura special: they focus on promoting everything that deserves to be highlighted in Portugal.


From Tuesday to Sunday: from 12.30 PM to 11.30 PM
Monday: from 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM