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Portugália Cervejaria

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Traditional food, tasty, and with great quality, served with friendliness, hospitality, and familiarity. When you are almost a hundred years old, it's inevitable to be excellent in your area. Thus, it is with Portugália, the “Portuguese Brewery”.

Born on June 10, 1925, Portugal’s Day, Cervejaria Portugália started at the corner of the brewery with the same name. Avenida Almirante Reis has, since then, a true Portuguese house, which has delighted the lovers of traditional and Portuguese food and, of course, good beer!

When Portugália appeared, the beer was considered the best in Portugal, but this isn’t what makes this venue stand out. Besides the very wide offer of beer, there are seafood, the unavoidable steaks, and a sense of familiarity that seems to take over us, as soon as we enter here.

Portugália has passed from generation to generation, and that fact makes the business even more familiar. Here, memorable moments are celebrated, happy memories are created, and unique experiences are lived. Strongly linked to Lisbon's history and culture, Portugália is a meeting point for everyone, in a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere that gives preference to conviviality.

On our visit, we could not fail to taste the Sirloin Steak, served with fries and the classic (and delicious!) Portugália Sauce. To accompany, we chose beer, of course. Thus, we drank an “Imperial” (a 20cl beer served in a conical or cylindrical glass) - with a combination like this, there is no way to fail. To finish, we tasted the dessert that is the image of the house: the Flan Pudding is delicious and was the best choice to end our wonderful experience.

Cool Tip: If you want to discover Portugália but you are far from Almirante Reis, do not worry! There are severalPortugália venues around Lisbon, so you can always try the flavorful suggestions that have delighted generations - we leave the addresses after the photos, so there are no excuses!


Sunday to Thursday: from 12 PM to 12 AM.
Friday to Saturday: from 12 PM to 1 AM.