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Pizzeria Casanova

from Italy with passion

In Lisbon, if there is a pizzeria that must be experienced, it is Pizzeria Casanova. With a privileged view of the Tejo River, right next to the Sta. Apolónia Station, this pizzeria and everything it encompasses, reminds us of the true Italian pizzerias. With 2 wood stoves and pizzaiolos that spin pizza dough like twirling skirts – simply entering this place is already a promise of good things to come. Why? Because to get to the seating area, you must go through the kitchen, and this passage alone ensures great animation.

The ingredients are of excellent quality, and the pizza and bruschetta we tried reflect exactly that. To drink, we suggest wine with fruit and tea. Dessert? Pizza with Nutella!

Note: the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, and the good thing about that is that you can give in to your spur-of-the-moment desires.

Enjoy the terrace, which on cooler days is filled with warm blankets, or the interior, which features large windows, perfect for contemplating the amazing views.


Every day: 12: 30pm - 01: 30am | No reservations accepted