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Pharmácia Restaurant

a prescription for eating

After 2 successful restaurants in Lisbon, Tânia Martins joined forces with Chef Susana Felicidade and created, from scratch, a concept based on surprising appetizers and menus for those who indeed enjoy a good surprise.

You’ll find this restaurant in the Associação Nacional de Farmácias building (National Association of Pharmacies), where taste buds are always captivated by Portuguese flavors.

When the eye meets this unusual decoration, you are instantly reminded of a conceptual kind of pharmacy, styled like vintage medical practices.

Here there are cocktails, and based on what we tasted, they are very good ones and are always created Portuguese style: designed with great ingredients and drinks, right here from Portugal. You can enjoy them while relaxing on the terrace and admiring the beautiful scenery, or even during your meal inside the restaurant.

No doubt about it: here, everything that is Portuguese is privileged, except the medication; those reside dramatically in antique pharmacy cabinets, which displays them in fun colors and shapes.

To start off the meal, you can opt for some appetizers – we could call them “tapas”, but as Tânia likes to refer, in Portugal we share, and these appetizers are perfect for sharing. Regardless of the name given to these delights, we highlight the tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms and the codfish fritters with pepper jam.

For those who like to be surprised, we recommend the surprise menu: Do you have any food allergies or intolerances? You will be questioned. Then, expect to be amazed by the tasting menu prepared by the chef, and that always includes a starter, meat dish, fish dish and dessert. We must emphasize that this a great risk to take, so loosen your belt and get ready for a surprise trip to the inspirational flavors of the day, without any side effects.


Every day: 12:30 pm - 01:00 am | Closed: 25th Dec