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PAUL Bakery Lisboa

The French pastry that conquered Lisbon

Founded in 1889, PAUL Bakery emerged in the heart of a family of French farmers. Charlemagne Mayot and his wife opened a small pastry shop near Lille and later their son took over the business. In 1985 the first store outside France was open - the destination was Barcelona. Currently, PAUL is present in 46 countries and Portugal is no exception (fortunately!).

Various types of bread, macarons, quiches, croissants, and pain au chocolat are some delicacies found at PAUL, in the heart of Rua Augusta, in the center of Lisbon. The atmosphere reminds us of a tea house and that's the perfect excuse to stay for a while, among sweet delicacies and relaxed chats.

Maintaining the values of a family business, PAUL Bakery favors the French tradition and the quality of each ingredient and recipe. If you allow us the suggestion, we recommend that you don't limit yourself to a single visit, because you'll want to taste the mille-feuilles, the tartlets of various flavors, the apple pie, the éclairs, the briochettes, and the macarons. To accompany this snack or breakfast, the classic black tea or a cappuccino are our suggestions, but if you prefer to move on to a light lunch, the sandwiches (in the most varied types of bread!), croques, and salads are just as pleasant.

Be that as it may, we know that you'll remember this visit with affection, especially because the experience of visiting a house with more than 130 years of experience is something you don't easily forget!

Cool Tip: PAUL Bakery also has a venue next to the Cascais Bay. Whatever the location, be sure to enjoy the French pastries and bread!


Every day: from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m