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A fan of the football club Os Belenenses goes to the house of popular TV host, João Manzarra, to fix his bathtub and comments that the stadium bar of his beloved club was looking for a new manager. And so Matateu was born! The TV host decided to keep the space but, some time later and after publicly supporting the "major cause of the planet’s unsustainability" – the consumption of meat and dairy products – he eventually left Matateu.

Stories aside, the Matateu space continues well and is thriving. The snacks and tapas are so worth trying and will definitely leave you wanting more.

In a typical stadium bar, a cult space was born, with great snacks and all this in honor of the acclaimed former Belenenses soccer player – Matateu.

During our visit, we prepared for the game with the original chorizo butter; the kick-off happened to the taste of sausage “bulharacos” with apple sauce and potato chips; the first part of the game resulted in clams “à bulhão pato”; and the second half was dominated by the top sirloin “pica-pau”.

Final verdict: a delicious game, full of great moments.


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