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Gelataria Nannarella

100% natural ice cream and sorbets

When the sun comes out, there’s nothing better than ice cream. Near the Assembly of the Republic and Flores Square exists, since 2013, a typical Italian ice cream shop that fulfills the cravings of any sweet tooth.
Made from traditional homemade recipes with the best ingredients and served by an extremely attentive staff, Nannarella cups and cones are generous and tasty. The ice creams and sorbets are all made with premium ingredients, without added coloring or preservatives and served with the help of a spatula, which means the customer is only paying for the quantity of ice cream/cup size or cone and not the number of flavors.
White and light blue are the colors of this little spot and, although the queues are constant, the time spent waiting is quickly forgotten once you taste your first spoonful. There are no tables where you can sit and enjoy these cool ice creams or sorbets, but the nearby gardens are extremely inviting and provide the real Italian grab&go experience.


Seg-Dom: 12:00 – 22:00