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In an ancient pharmacy, Comoba cares about sustainability and offers organic meals throughout the day. It's not by chance that we recommend it - the place's good energy invites us to return, again and again. It's a cosmopolitan place where we want to stay - it's a little piece of the world, in Lisbon.

Here there are no divisions on the menu and all the dishes can be ordered at any time (no one will judge you if you fell like having a burrito for breakfast, or a pancake tower for lunch). That's precisely the idea: to be free to enjoy whatever you want, without rules.

Based on the principle of zero waste, Comoba avoids the use of plastic and disposable utensils. The napkins, for example, aren't made of paper, but fabric (they’re created by a local artisan), the ingredients are mostly produced in the Lisbon area (supporting local trade and small producers), everything is organic, and all the dishes are cooked by the house’s attentive staff.

In Comoba there are no adulterated flavors or artificial coloring - the pink latte is this color because of the beet, and the green pancakes are this way due to their main ingredient, matcha.

More than beautiful - which they undeniably are! - Comoba's options are delicious. On your next visit, don't miss the “OH JENNY!” smoothie and the matcha pancakes. In fact, maybe it's best if you return several times so you can explore the whole menu with the proper attention!

Cool Tip: Comoba is just in front of Elevador da Bica, so this can be a typical Lisbon way to get there!


Everyday: from 7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.