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Before you ask, and in case you don't know the city, Lisbon is not that small. In fact, it is an entire world. Lisbon seems to have so many cities within it, each with such a unique and original personality, that on our walks, we often forget that we are still in Lisbon.

And here I will introduce you to a simple, but magical trick. Accessible to everyone, but top secret. The recipe for being able to see the entire city of Lisbon in a period as short as one hour! And no, dear reader, I am not the Flash's cousin. Nor am I asking you for superpowers. In fact, you will be surprised at the modesty of my suggestion.

Drumrolls please!

Admire the entire Lisbon, in less than an hour... by traveling to Cacilas!

The ferry boat is a trip that promises to be a real delight, especially in the morning, with the entire day ahead and a very high sun, accompanying the breeze of the small waves. It travels from Cais do Sodré, toward Cacilhas. The trip goes by fast, so be present in the moment - don't get distracted.

If you catch a small boat without a roof on the upper deck, hurry to get a seat. The Ponte 25 de Abril (25th April Bridge) is another fruit of this optic.

Upon arrival, you will feel immediately transported into Hemingway's world. On one side a huge lighthouse, and the Frigate Dom Fernando II e Glória, a beauty that is awe-inspiring! From here you can already see the full, bright and soulful landscape of Lisbon, from one end to the other.

But, let me tell you, that there it gets better. And please feel privileged, dear reader, because I only talk about Cacilhas to (very) good friends, deserving of such a beautiful experience: on the opposite side of the lighthouse, to the right of the station exit, you will find a seafood restaurant on the corner (as it should), and a narrower sidewalk stretches long, next to the Tagus. Rua do Ginjal. Go that way and always in safety. The sidewalk is not easy to maintain, and you can get hit with a fishing hook if you don't watch out for local fishermen! But all in good faith, keep going straight ahead. There isn't much else to go on either... unless you come prepared for a nice riverside swim.

To your left you pass by a few abandoned (vintage?) industrial warehouses, and to your right you are accompanied by the enormous Lisbon landscape. So big that it doesn't seem to fit in your eyes, so you always have to keep a part of it in your heart.

You have reached the destination of my suggestion when you have eyes on a small sandy area and the two coffee shops, almost always crowded, Ponto Final (Full Stop) and Atira-te ao Rio (Throw Yourself in the River). Titles and styles more than adequate to the local essence. Just sharing this special place with you makes me want to be there, believe me!

You can stay here, but another good idea is to take some food and drinks with you for a small picnic. Continue on the footpath.

Crossing paths with some adorable resident kittens, you will find a fresh green, light-filled lawn calling out to you - the Boca do Vento Garden. And you won't be able to resist it. Sit in the sun, or in the shade of the trees in the summer, and let yourself be absorbed by the view, the smells, and the calm. A choice for the moment, for the most musical souls? "O Barquinho" by Nara Leão.

Do yourself a favor and go up the Elevador da Boca do Vento (if it's open, you never know, and for a small price) for an altitude pleasure, at the top of which you can relax on the terrace with a warm espresso or a glass of rosé, overlooking the estuary. Up here you are already in the so-called "old Almada", but it doesn't lack charm.

You may want to take advantage of your stay on the south side of the Tagus to visit our Sanctuary of Christ the King. Here we lose track of time, and we recommend a trip by the 101 bus from the bus station, located in front of the river station. Is it worth the trip? Very much.

Monument erected in honor of the Brazilian Christ the Redeemer after a visit, and by order of Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon, Dom Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, to the sibling country. It came to symbolize, in the intention of the construction in 1936, a vote for the non-participation of Portugal in World War II. Besides Portugal's neutrality, today we can be thankful for a beautiful view!

From there, we admire not only the municipality but the entire Lisbon district, and 133 meters high above the river. "God is Love" thus quotes at the top of the statue in every language. Not only expressing the feeling that this stunning view inspires in us, but also representing the people from all corners of the world that Lisbon welcomes without borders. Lisbon is Love.

*Photo: Carolina Correia.



Creative by day and Yogi by night. Passionate about the streets, people, houses, smells and flavors of Lisbon! Carolina is the one person who never shuts up about how beautiful, colorful, fantastic, diverse, radiant, magical Lisbon is... do you see where we are going with this? Follow her walks around the city on Instagram.