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5 spots for a weekend brunch

Brunch. Breakfast + Lunch or, in other words, a late breakfast. This trend is relatively recent, but the fact that we like to combine these two meals during the weekend, after a well-rested night, is not new.

Lisbon is full of spots that serve brunch – so many that it becomes tricky when you’re trying to choose just one. These are five of my favorite places for a weekend brunch. Choose according to who you’re bringing along and how much you want to spend:


To go with friends | Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora brings together the perfect combination of healthy food and some very decadent goodies, perfect for every friend in the group. If it's hard to get all your friends together over the weekend, you’ll be happy to know that this place in Santos serves brunch all week, all day long. With some luck, you can snag the round wooden table, which was once a giant reel.

Must-try: The Green Pancakes (Matcha with lemon curd, citrus fruits and kiwi).


To take the kids | Museu do Oriente

Brunch may not seem like a plan that excites little ones, but on the top floor of the Museu do Oriente things look differently. As well as being a gastronomic paradise on earth, with a great combination of Portuguese and Asian delicacies, at the end of the meal you can continue your family day by exploring the museum’s different rooms and exhibitions.

Must-try: The view from this place.


For a date | O Asiático

Chef Kiko recently debuted his brunches by introducing this meal at O Asiático, located on Rosa Street. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know this spot with its natural light coming through the windows, making it quite romantic. There are three menus to try: the Tataki Brunch, the Ramen Brunch and the Bao Brunch. Whichever one you choose, one thing is certain – you’ll be savoring the best Asian delicacies the restaurant has to offer.

Must-try: The Pink Swordfish Tataki.


To travel | Brunch do Mundo

The suggestion is tempting: travel across a continent while having brunch. Two sisters – Ana and Rita – came up with the idea and are the mentors of this project, which is ideal for those who have a traveler’s soul and love to eat. The menus are always changing and you need to book by email to get one of the 22 spots that are available every Saturday.

Must-try Çilbir, a Turkish egg from the Europe menus.


To spend less and eat well | Leitaria Lisboa

It’s one of the best brunches in the city when it comes to value for money. There are two spaces: the original one, in Rato, and a more recent one, in Cais do Sodré. In both you’ll find three very complete menus, available every day and at all hours. The best part? You decide if you want the menu for one or for two people!

Must-try The homemade yogurts.


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