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LisboaCool_Blog_5 Products Inspired by Lisbon


*Photo: Alex Paganelli

Lisbon has inspired different creations. Over the past few years, collections that honor the Portuguese capital have emerged around the world, sharing with other countries some characteristics that make Lisbon such a special city.

If you're looking for a special gift for a friend in love with the city, or for someone who is far away and homesick, these five products may well be an original way to remember Lisbon without falling into the temptation of the typical souvenirs. Find them!



The Portuguese tradition meets design with Inspirações Portuguesas. Here, Portugal really is the inspiration, so the brand couldn't have a different name. The sidewalk that we easily find in Lisbon is the motto for an original beach towel, the trips to the supermarket become more sustainable with the bags that highlight the typical (and casual) phrases, the lunches with friends gain color with the napkins inspired by the Portuguese tiles, and the traditional dishes that make our mouths water are honored in original T-shirts.

If you don't know Inspirações Portuguesas yet, this is a good time to do it – those passionate about Portugal (and, in particular, about Lisbon) will be happy with this discovery!

See all in https://www.inspiracoesportuguesas.pt/.

Contact: [email protected] | +351 919 475 996



The classic model of ballet flats has gained a new charm with the Portuguese brand Josefinas, and the collection includes a model inspired by an adventure through the streets of Lisbon. The Josefinas Lisboa are available in red and black and are perfect for the coldest days, thanks to the injection of rubber in the sole and the reinforcement of leather inside.

And even though we have highlighted a product clearly inspired by our city, it's important to mention that Josefinas honors what is best done in Portugal, not only in the Lisbon model, but in all pairs of shoes that it creates: the production is national and supports small craftsmen.

Discover the Josefinas Lisboa in https://josefinas.com/pt/loja/lisboa-preto.

Contact: [email protected] | +351 919 799 110


Alma de Lisboa by Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre is an internationally recognized national brand and, for those in love with Lisbon, it presents a collection of cultural roots based on traditional icons of the city of Lisbon. A decoration for the lovers of Lisbon, the tourists, and all those who appreciate the picturesque representation, the culture and the best that cities have to offer.

It's possible to purchase the full service or just one of the parts, according to what makes sense to each person. Dishes, cups of coffee and tea, sugar bowl, tray, teapot ... there's a bit of everything, always with a design that appeals to the most special elements in the City of the Seven Hills. How about a cup where the Classic 28 Tram stands out? Or a rectangular plate where one of the hills is honored? These are great presents!

Discover the entire collection in https://vistaalegre.com/pt/gifts-all-alma-de-lisboa-pt.

Contact: [email protected] | +351 234 320 600



Claus may have been created in Porto, but Lisbon is also part of its inspirations and answers the question all Portuguese people have been asking sing the song from Amália Rodrigues: What does Lisbon smell like after all? Lyn Harris came to visit Portugal searching for aromas capable of conveying the beauty of this country and created a unique perfume, a limited edition, that represents the entire national territory, and a collection consisting of five perfumes that each represent an area of the country.

Geranium is the representation of Lisbon. Lyn was delighted with the Botanical Garden, which seemed to her an island of tropical flora surrounded by the city, and thought that these aromas would be a good way to praise Lisbon. The fragrance, available in normal or mini size, includes bergamot, lavender and angelica root with a heart of geranium leaves, rose petals and cloves, on a base of patchouli, vetiver, moss, fava tonka and musk.

Available on https://clausporto.com/pt/2-agua-geranium


Absolut Vodka Lisboa by Absolut

A limited edition that shows that even foreign brands are fans of Portugal and, in particular, of Lisbon. In this edition paying tribute to Lisbon, the unmistakable Absolut bottle is surrounded by a paper packaging with a graphic that evokes the Portuguese sidewalk.

After having launched packages honoring other cities, special editions dedicated to art, cultural events, and even festive times, Absolut now celebrates the Portuguese capital city. The bottle of vodka inspired by Lisbon is for sale exclusively in Portugal, in the usual hyper and supermarkets.