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5 Portuguese Brands to Take to the Beach

August is right at the door, and for most of us this month is all about the holidays, the beach and diving in the pool. And since we like to support national production, we decided to gather in this article some essential beach items that, besides being cute and functional, are created by completely Portuguese brands. Don't forget these items when you pack! Happy holidays!


Conscious Swimwear

Joana Silva took a sewing course and started making her own bikinis - it was the solution she found to be fully satisfied with her beach clothes. Then until publishing the photos on social networks was a snap - the result were dozens of positive comments from both friends and followers. Joana decided to take the next leap and launched Conscious Swimwear, a beach apparel brand that meets the sustainability principles defended by its creator.

This brand uses Econyl - a fabric that reuses plastic taken from the oceans - in its pieces, which are all handmade in Lisbon. Launched in 2019, Conscious Swimwear first had three different bikini patterns (available in different models, three lower parts and three upper parts), but quickly upgraded to the world of straw hats and swimsuits, keeping the concept of conscious production.

Orders can be placed at https://www.consciousswimwear.com/.

Contact: [email protected] | Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/conscious_swimwear/


Blue Avenue

If you thought this list would include only brands linked to the female universe, you couldn't be more wrong. How could we forget male fashion and Blue Avenue? We couldn't, of course!

Founded in 2016, Blue Avenue fixed a need of its founders, who couldn't find the perfect beach shorts, matching their demands and tastes. They got to work and fled mass production, privileged by fast-fashion, opting for a production that was more conscious and attentive, dedicated and concerned with detail, the quality of the product and its authenticity. The result is what you see.

Blue Avenue's beach shorts are timeless and you can wear them summer after summer, with the certainty that they will not suffer irreparable damage or need a replacement after a few dives. Among stripes and more elaborate patterns, you'll find simpler options as well. Every man has the right to wear quality pieces that last in time and are part of happy Summer memories for years - Blue Avenue takes that right very seriously.

Orders can be placed at https://blueavenue.co/.

Contact: [email protected] | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blueavenue.co/


Pecegueiro & F.os

A suggestion for the little ones: the swim shorts and backpacks by Pecegueiro&F.os, a brand that we often recommend here at Lisboa Cool and that we couldn't let out of the list.

Sara and Pedro, parents of three kids, launched Pecegueiros&F.os to fix a hole they found in the children's fashion market: children's clothes were either too sporty or not able to let them play freely. Focusing on fair trade, quality and the timelessness of the pieces that pass along brothers, cousins and nephews, Pecegueiro&Filhos presents a casual and colorful collection, just as Summer demands. The backpacks are perfect to carry the toys, the hats protect from the sun in style, the swim shorts are lovely, and the striped t-shirts are the perfect final touch - the best looks for hot days are here!

Adress: Praça do Príncipe Real, 24, 1250-184 Lisboa

Contact: [email protected] | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pecegueiro.e.filhos/


Caia Beachwear

Lunch boxes, bikinis, swimsuits, shorts, pillows... Caia screams Summer everywhere and the patterns in its pieces make everything more fun and colorful. With options for the whole family, kids and adults, this Portuguese brand has the perfect essentials for the hottest days.

Besides the matching beach clothes (or not!) for mothers and children, we must recommend some products that make the Summer days more practical: the backpack-shaped lunch boxes (small or large) that allow food to remain fresh, be protected from the sun, and, of course, carry your snacks in style. Matching, and because naps and reading by the pool always sit well, the pillow's gonna be super helpful!

Adress:  Rua Carlos de Oliveira, Loja 2A, 1600-029 Lisboa

Contact: [email protected] | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caiabeachwear/


PAL Portugal

The classic straw hats were reinvented by Daniela and Filipa, who decided to give them a new meaning. These are the summer hats that remind us of our childhood and are part of the days starring the sea breeze and the salty hair.

PAL Portugal sells straw hats and baskets the old school way, perfect for a beach day, for a picnic or for a walk (because there's always a lot to carry around!). Each piece is unique and created with great pride, because this is the only way to ensure the authenticity of the devoted love. The whole process is manual and delicate, proudly made in Portugal, and it results in a set of nice allies for the days when the hat doesn't leave our heads.

Contact: [email protected] | Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/pal_portugal/