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Holy Club #1 : Know your cycle

Quarta, 8 Maio

Holy Club is a series of holistic events, created by Carine Lucas, a Franco-Portuguese Parisian living now in Lisbon, dedicated to well-being and self-development for WOMEN. Holy Club aims at connecting like-minded women who are inspiring, empowered and passionate in order to create a new community.
Each week, we will be dealing with a feminine topic during one evening, offering 15 people an original workshop and one Talk relating to this topic in a flat in downtown Lisbon.
The objective? To empower women enough to change the way they talk about themselves and to help them support one another thanks to women-only speakers and instructors.

• Holy Club #1 : Know your cycle •
Rnb Pilates and talk about hormonal balance.
To empower women to understand and reconnect with their bodies’ rhythms.
▸ Workshop: RnB Pilates class by Ingrid Marchais @ingrid_bodyawareness, a pilates teacher from Omm Studio (Paris) and music by Melissa from Das She Cray (Berlin).
▸ Speakers: Catarina (@omeuutero) and more.

From 7pm to 10pm
Price: 25€ (snacks and drinks included)
Buy your ticket here :
Or contact us directly : [email protected]

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Quarta, 8 Maio de 2019
Das19:00 às 22:00


Largo Vitorino Damásio 8
1200-646 Lisboa